Use your 3G mobile phone in Japan!

You can use your own mobile phone in Japan if it is a 3G (W-CDMA 2.1GHz/800MHz)compatible handset!

To check if you can use your mobile phone in Japan, please contact your mobile operator (roaming rates, setup, etc.).


Three advantages of using NTT DOCOMO's roaming service

Because of the wide service area, the service can be used anywhere in Japan. (Nationwide population coverage rate* 100%)*Even if you are inside the service
area, you may not be able to use
the service in locations that signals
do not reach.The mobile phone number you use in your country can be used as is in Japan. *For use conditions, please confirm
 with your mobile carrier in advance.Secure service is  provided by the No. 1 mobile communications company.* There are about 60,790,000 subscribers (as of October 2012).


This service is only available to subscribers with operators that have roaming agreements with NTT DOCOMO.

You must also have an individual subscription for roaming service provided by the mobile phone operator that you subscribe with.
* The population coverage rate is calculated based on the availability of communication in bases where municipal government public offices are located.



Roaming Mileage Service

Roaming in Japan, even without bringing your equipments! 700 yen / day (735 / day tax inclusive)

Aomori Tourist Spot Video Clips for Smartphone

Aomori Tourist Spot Video Clips for PC

CONEXUS NETWORK Selection Application For Android

This Application will help CONEXUS customers using CONEXUS Daily Flat-Rate Data Roaming Plan to avoid overseas data usage bill-shock. If you activate this CONEXUS Widget while Roaming in CONEXUS Countries, the Widget will alert them to the incorrect Network choice and help them set the designated operator manually.

Downloading the Application to Android Devices

1.Download from Android Market

Access Android Market from your Android phone Search for “Conexus”.

2.Download from the Conexus website(

Simply follow one of the two procedures below to go to the download site.

  • Send the download site details to your own email address.

    Input your Android phone email address (such as Gmail address) and press “Send”.
    The download site URL will be sent to your Android phone.

    *Your email address will only be used to supply this service.
    Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

  • Acquire download site URL from QR Code

    Download a barcode reader application to your Android device.
    Access the download site by scanning the QR code below.

    QR Code